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“Way out of the crisis”: Zimbawe and Mozambique

13 December, 2005
Two articles: “Smugglers cost Zim billions“; the other one is the editorial page for The Herald (Zimbabwe)  “Curb Smuggling, Promote Trade“. Worthwile checking to get an impression of some of possible debates entailing what is happening in Zimbabwe – and, naturally, responses from Mozambique. This is a story to follow.
Smugglers cost Zim billions
author/source:Herald (Zimb)
published:Mon 12-Dec-2005
posted on this site:Mon 12-Dec-2005
Article Type : News
More than 200 smugglers cross the border at least three times each day



10.12.05. Denmark suspends foreign aid

11 December, 2005
(Sic, Port.) Denmark suspends foreign aid in Mozambique. Denmark is one of the most important aid partners.

More news on this theme:

Zambeze online: “Dinamarca rescinde apoio a educação em Moçambique” (one of the most affected regions in Mozambique affected with this decision)

SIC online: “Extenas irregularidades”

Angola Press: ” Dinamarca suspende cooperação devido a extensas irregularidades”


Luís Basto, photographer

10 December, 2005

Luis Basto, Zanzibar, 1998

“A child’s dream of Africa”, Zanzibar, 1998

Luís Basto, photographer. From

This is Zimbabwe

10 December, 2005

For me one of the most interesting weblogs on Africa out there. This is Zimbabwe.  It’s not just the fact that is gives everyone a lens through which one can start understanding what is going on in Zimbabwe. It’s the fact that they do this with humor, irony and a great feeling of self-respect and dignity.

Check this by yourselves (on the talk of inflation).and don’t forget to vote for This is Zimbabwe!

09.12.05 Debt relief (World Bank source)

10 December, 2005

Relief requires consent from 43 other countries, covering the share World Bank is not willing to take upon.

Source: 9.12.05, (from

IMF Approves $4.8 Billion Debt Relief Package The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday approved a $4.8 billion package to cancel the debts of 20 of the world’s poorest countries early next year under a plan launched in June by the Group of Eight (G8) major industrialized nations, reports Reuters.


Debt (Dívida) – IMF (FMI) approves relief

10 December, 2005

Pacote de 4,8 biliões de USD aprovado pelo G8. Esta medida abrange Moçambique.

Informação do Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State

The first 20 countries identified by the fund as eligible to participate in the plan are: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Uganda and Zambia.

Gas production in Mozambique

9 December, 2005

7 Dec. Globo Online: Petrobras e Vale com acordo para produzir gás em Moçambique

Possible gas production in Mozambique after Brazilian companies reach an agreement.


Rui Assubuji, photographer

9 December, 2005


Xipamanine market, Maputo.

Anti-corruption struggle

9 December, 2005

Declarações da primeira-ministra, Luísa Diogo: há corrupção “um pouco por todo o lado”

Angolapress:  Moçambique: PM reconhece que há corrupção “um pouco por todo o lado”