19 Dec: A little old, but here it goes anyway.

(From reuters)

MAPUTO (Reuters) – Mozambique’s parliament on Monday rejected an opposition effort to strip the image of a gun from the national flag, saying it was no time to dump the symbol of the now-peaceful country’s long war for independence.

The ruling Frelimo Party used its parliamentary majority to block a motion by the opposition Renamo Party to remove the gun imagery from both the flag and the national emblem.
“The national flag and emblem of the republic are historic references that we don’t want to abdicate either today, tomorrow or ever,” said Frelimo MP Hama Thay after the vote.
Mozambique’s flag, made up of horizontal stripes of green, black, yellow and white and a red triangle and star overlaid with the picture of what appears to be a machine-gun, was Frelimo’s party banner before it was adopted as the national flag several years after independence from Portugal in 1975.
Renamo, which fought Frelimo in a civil war that ended with a peace deal in 1992, has complained the flag is still too closely associated with Frelimo and should be changed.
“As we are not all Frelimo members, and because there are millions of Mozambicans who are not as well, this is not a national flag,” Renamo legislator Jose Manteigas told reporters.
Mozambique’s new constitution adopted this year asked the government to change the flag and national emblem within a year.
But Frelimo argued that none of the 169 alternatives proposed so far was good enough and said if no acceptable new flag could be agreed within the one year period suggested by the constitution the old flag would remain.


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