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american interests in Mozambique

25 April, 2006

Artigo sobre interesses americanos em Moçambique, a propósito da visita de uma delegação empresarial norte-americana. In Portuguese.

In Macau Hub, April 24. 



legalized gold panning in Mozambique?

25 April, 2006

Este artigo é para mim. Ouro, tráfico e garimpagem (i)legal.

In All Africa, April 24: "Mozambique: Gold Prospectors to Be Legalised in Sofala" 


quem manda na terra em Moçambique?

25 April, 2006

Um artigo que volta a uma questão fundamental: quem manda na terra de Moçambique? Gestão de propriedade do solo em Moçambique.

Who's in charge of Mozambican lands? "Frelimo warns: mozambican land is state property"

Artigo de A União, 25 de Abril


Soccer is magic: Australia team & witchdoctor

20 April, 2006

Telegraph India (04/19/06):

Socceroos’ magical trek to finals
"The Australians had asked the witchdoctor to put a curse on their opponents but when they could not afford to pay him, he turned the curse on them.When Warren told the story to an Australian television comedian in 2004, the host agreed to go to back to Mozambique. The witchdoctor had died but he found another who said he could lift the curse."


Chapas return to work

20 April, 2006


The privately-owned minibus taxis, which provide much of Maputo's passenger transport, decided to resume their activities in the capital and the adjoining city of Matola as from Wednesday morning after a 24 hour strike on Tuesday.


immigrants from Zimbabwe accuse ill-treatment

20 April, 2006

Crossing the border for petty-business, these migrants / visitors accuse local Mozambican authorities of mistreatment and ill-conduct. Irregular imprisonments and sexual harassment are among the most common accusations.


Railway Nacala – Malawi back on track

20 April, 2006

"Rail traffic resumes in Mozambique's northern corridor"  

Maputo – Railway traffic between the northern Mozambican port of Nacala and landlocked Malawi has resumed, albeit two days later than expected, said railway officials.

The traffic had been suspended due to torrential rains on 9 March, which created a large crater between the stations of Malema and Nataleia, 421 km from Nacala. (more…)

Impacto do turismo / endangered species

10 April, 2006

Mail & Guardian (April 9) "People getting eaten by wild animals is only one side of the picture in post-war Mozambique — the tourist boom is threatening a number of endangered marine species with local extinction.

South African conservation organisations working in Mozambique are particularly worried about sea turtles and dugongs, large grey mammals which used to be called mermaids. "

Zimbabweans die in search for gold

9 April, 2006

Another messy story of Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. This time, about 30 gold panners died in Sussundenga, near Msapa river, due to mudslides that followed torrential rains. These 30 Zimbabweans were part of a group of about 300 men.

[chuvas torrenciais em Mocambique provocam a morte de 30 prospectores de ouro do Zimbabue.] (more…)