Zimbabweans die in search for gold

Another messy story of Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. This time, about 30 gold panners died in Sussundenga, near Msapa river, due to mudslides that followed torrential rains. These 30 Zimbabweans were part of a group of about 300 men.

[chuvas torrenciais em Mocambique provocam a morte de 30 prospectores de ouro do Zimbabue.]

AllAfrica (3/13)

About 30 Zimbabweans, who were illegally panning for gold in the central Mozambican district of Sussundenga, died last week when torrential rains caused mudslides that swept them away.

According to police sources, cited on Radio Mozambique on Monday, the force of the waters carried the bodies of some of the Zimbabweans down to the Msapa river, close to the border with Zimbabwe. The head of operations in the Manica Provincial Police Command, Jose Tomo, said he did not yet know whether any Mozambicans had also died in the mudslide.

He said the Zimbabweans were part of a group of 300 people who had been panning for gold in the area, but some had left before the tragedy struck. On the day of the disaster, not only did it rain torrentially, causing an alarming rise in the level of local rivers, but there were also strong winds and the weather turned cold.

Tomo thought that the hostile climate persuaded the Mozambicans to go home – while the Zimbabweans stayed


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