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immigrants from Zimbabwe accuse ill-treatment

20 April, 2006

Crossing the border for petty-business, these migrants / visitors accuse local Mozambican authorities of mistreatment and ill-conduct. Irregular imprisonments and sexual harassment are among the most common accusations.



US props Mozambican police

9 April, 2006

I find this hilarious. US generosity at its best: 50 bikes to patrol Maputo's streets. US consul explains: "We are committed in helping transform the Mozambican police into a better trained force, that can better sustain the democratic institutions of the country". Right. (more…)

Quenians, crime, and bizarre stories

26 January, 2006

This is a weird story. A group of quenians suspected of planning to rob a bank is released from prison (Jan 5); a couple week laters they are expelled from Mozambique. Info is not very clear.


Anti-corruption struggle

9 December, 2005

Declarações da primeira-ministra, Luísa Diogo: há corrupção “um pouco por todo o lado”

Angolapress:  Moçambique: PM reconhece que há corrupção “um pouco por todo o lado”