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Vietnam to Mozambique

5 January, 2006

Assistance in agricultural sciences. The article from Viet Nam news agency here. (more…)


dolphin research in Mozambique

5 January, 2006

Primeiro barco para pesquisa de golfinhos em Moçambique.
First boat for dolphin research acquired by SOS foundation (Geneve). Dolphin sights in Inhaca Island, and research conducted by University of Maputo (Eduardo Mondlane).

10.12.05. Denmark suspends foreign aid

11 December, 2005
(Sic, Port.) Denmark suspends foreign aid in Mozambique. Denmark is one of the most important aid partners.

More news on this theme:

Zambeze online: “Dinamarca rescinde apoio a educação em Moçambique” (one of the most affected regions in Mozambique affected with this decision)

SIC online: “Extenas irregularidades”

Angola Press: ” Dinamarca suspende cooperação devido a extensas irregularidades”


Mozambique and South Africa to sign health agreement

7 December, 2005

Dec. 7, 2005: S.A., Mail and Guardian.

Senior health officers from South Africa and Mozambique will sign an agreement formalising the treatment of Mozambicans in health facilities along South Africa’s borders, it was announced on Wednesday.

The initiative was part of health department efforts to address Mozambican’s use of South African resources in those rural and underdeveloped areas, said health department spokesperson Charity Bhengu.

The agreement would take into account the daily movement of people across the countries’ borders and the hospitals affected would be identified.


Malaria: canadian red cross in Mozambique

7 December, 2005

[400.000 mosquitieros anti-malária: Cruz vermelha canadiana apoia famílias moçambicanas com menores de 5 anos. Atenção: 400.000 redes, não famílias!]

 Canadian Red Cross gives lifesaving gift to 400.000 families in Mozambique. Ottawa, December 6, 2005 — In one of the largest initiative of its kind, Red Cross volunteers will travel throughout central Mozambique over the next two weeks to distribute 400,000 long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets (LLINs) to families with children under five years old. The bed nets — which last for up to five years — will be given out free of charge to provide protection against mosquito bites that transmit malaria.


Education: chinese taught in schools?

5 December, 2005

6 Dez. 2005: Angola Press Moçambique: Governo vai introduzir língua chinesa nas escolas

O ministro da Educação e Cultura de Moçambique, Aires Aly, admitiu hoje em Maputo a hipótese de introduzir o ensino da língua chinesa, atendendo ao “peso” que o idioma está a ganhar no mundo.
Aires Aly disse que o governo está a negociar com a China o envio para aquele país asiático de bolseiros que mais tarde irão ensinar o chinês nos institutos de língua moçambicanos.
As autoridades moçambicanas esperam também que a China mande professores chineses para o ensino da sua língua em Moçambique, acrescentou Aires Aly.


Zapatero to visit Mozambique? Visita de Zapatero em 2006

5 December, 2005

Europa Press, Madrid, Dec. 4, 2005:
El presidente del Gobierno, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, estudia visitar los países de Mozambique, Sudáfrica e India en los primeros meses de 2006, según explicaron fuentes gubernamentales a Europa Press.

Tanto Mozambique como Sudáfrica se incluirían en un mismo viaje, mientras que India podría ser la tercera escala del mismo o quedar en exclusiva para otro desplazamiento al extranjero, subrayaron las citadas fuentes.

El presidente del Ejecutivo tiene interés en visitar Mozambique para comprobar de primera mano la acción de la cooperación española en este país, uno de los cinco junto a Angola, Namibia, Senegal y Cabo Verde que son prioritarios en el Plan Director de cooperación del Gobierno para África.


Fligths Mozambique / Portugal – voos Lisboa-Maputo

5 December, 2005

Dec. 5, 2005: Angola Press: Moçambique: TAP e LAM avaliam quarto voo semanal para Maputo As companhias aéreas portuguesa TAP e moçambicana LAM estão a avaliar o aumento do número de voos semanais entre Lisboa e Maputo, passando dos actuais três para quatro, fez saber o ministro moçambicano dos Transportes e Comunicações, António Munguambe.

De acordo com o dirigente moçambicano, o seu Governo está aberto para a realização de um quarto voo e que “as duas companhias já estão a trabalhar nesse sentido”.


Jakarta to train Mozambique officers

5 December, 2005

The Jakarta Post, Dec. 5, 20JAKARTA: Maputo city administration in the Republic of Mozambique has requested assistance from the Jakarta administration for training of public order officers, reported on Sunday.

“At first they wanted the police, but I told them that the police were under the state, and that the city only has public order officers. I told them about their job, and the Maputo administration considered it important enough to ask for training,” Governor Sutiyoso was quoted as saying.

He said that the Maputo administration requested him to send trainers to Mozambique, but that “for the technicalities we’ll have to wait for the Maputo delegation to return our courtesy call”.

Last week, Sutiyoso visited two African countries to sign a provincial city agreement with South Africa’s province of Kwazuku Natal and a sister city agreement with Mozambique’s capital of Maputo.