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gold panners / garimpeiros em Moçambique

3 May, 2006

72 garimpeiros Zimbabweanos expulsos de Moçambique (província de Manica) (more…)


US props Mozambican police

9 April, 2006

I find this hilarious. US generosity at its best: 50 bikes to patrol Maputo's streets. US consul explains: "We are committed in helping transform the Mozambican police into a better trained force, that can better sustain the democratic institutions of the country". Right. (more…)

Quenians, crime, and bizarre stories

26 January, 2006

This is a weird story. A group of quenians suspected of planning to rob a bank is released from prison (Jan 5); a couple week laters they are expelled from Mozambique. Info is not very clear.


Jakarta to train Mozambique officers

5 December, 2005

The Jakarta Post, Dec. 5, 20JAKARTA: Maputo city administration in the Republic of Mozambique has requested assistance from the Jakarta administration for training of public order officers, reported on Sunday.

“At first they wanted the police, but I told them that the police were under the state, and that the city only has public order officers. I told them about their job, and the Maputo administration considered it important enough to ask for training,” Governor Sutiyoso was quoted as saying.

He said that the Maputo administration requested him to send trainers to Mozambique, but that “for the technicalities we’ll have to wait for the Maputo delegation to return our courtesy call”.

Last week, Sutiyoso visited two African countries to sign a provincial city agreement with South Africa’s province of Kwazuku Natal and a sister city agreement with Mozambique’s capital of Maputo.