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Mozambique work permits

26 January, 2006

very interesting story. Work permits in Mozambique: portuguese come first before any other nationality, with over 500 colective applications, about a third. However, we don’t know how many were actually allowes in. Some brief references to Mozambique policy regarding foreign work in the country. (more…)


Portuguese presidential election in mozambique

26 January, 2006

80% of portuguese migrants in Mozambique voted for the right-wing presidential candidate. Although only 142 voters actually showed up (more…)

Euro-African summit and the Zimbabwean crisis

7 December, 2005

Pretoria news, 6 Dec 2005. “EU policy on Zim unwise, says SA ambassador”[Cimeira Euro-Africana, a realizar-se em Portugal em 2006? Declarações de João Cravinho (“It sometimes takes a tragedy to change a situation”) e impasse da situação no Zimbabwe.]

The European Union’s ambassador to South Africa is blunt about his organisation’s Zimbabwe policy: “it is unwise,” says Lodewijk Briët.

The EU’s policy of “smart” sanctions is unwise, he explains, because it has not improved the lot of ordinary Zimbabweans and because it has blocked Europe and Africa from conducting relations at the highest political level.

Because of Zimbabwe, a summit of the leaders of both continents which was supposed to take place in Lisbon in April 2003 has been postponed indefinitely.