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500 mozambican miners died last year in South Africa

26 January, 2006

478 out of which from aids. Não são dados medicamentos antiretrovirais a estrangeiros sem acordo prévio entre os países de origem. (more…)


Mozambique and South Africa to sign health agreement

7 December, 2005

Dec. 7, 2005: S.A., Mail and Guardian.

Senior health officers from South Africa and Mozambique will sign an agreement formalising the treatment of Mozambicans in health facilities along South Africa’s borders, it was announced on Wednesday.

The initiative was part of health department efforts to address Mozambican’s use of South African resources in those rural and underdeveloped areas, said health department spokesperson Charity Bhengu.

The agreement would take into account the daily movement of people across the countries’ borders and the hospitals affected would be identified.