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Chapas return to work

20 April, 2006


The privately-owned minibus taxis, which provide much of Maputo's passenger transport, decided to resume their activities in the capital and the adjoining city of Matola as from Wednesday morning after a 24 hour strike on Tuesday.



Railway Nacala – Malawi back on track

20 April, 2006

"Rail traffic resumes in Mozambique's northern corridor"  

Maputo – Railway traffic between the northern Mozambican port of Nacala and landlocked Malawi has resumed, albeit two days later than expected, said railway officials.

The traffic had been suspended due to torrential rains on 9 March, which created a large crater between the stations of Malema and Nataleia, 421 km from Nacala. (more…)

“Leaded petrol to be phased out by March”

7 January, 2006

Atrasos no cumprimento da substituição por gasolina sem chumbo.

4 Jan: Agência de informação de Moçambique, tirado de O artigo completo aqui

(…) So unleaded petrol will be passed through all the tubes and tanks in the distribution system, until the leaded fuel has been thoroughly flushed out. Braga believed this process would be completed by March, “and as from then, it can be said that we are using unleaded petrol”. (…)


Sky’s liberalization: african airlines and LAM Mozambique

7 December, 2005

6 Dec, 2005. The Nation, Nairobi: ‘Intruders’ threaten African Airlines.

[Interesting article from The Nation (Nairobi). What to do with foreign control of African sky? LAM still in the blacklist. Artigo interessante sobre os intrusos dos ares – liberalização do espaço aéreo e consequências para a sobrevivência das companhias nacionais].

The entry of foreign airlines in the African aviation industry due to liberalisation is threatening the national carriers.
A recent regional airlines conference in South Africa was told that foreign carriers controlled a disproportionately large share of the African market and use their wealth to drive the continent’s national airlines out of business.


Fligths Mozambique / Portugal – voos Lisboa-Maputo

5 December, 2005

Dec. 5, 2005: Angola Press: Moçambique: TAP e LAM avaliam quarto voo semanal para Maputo As companhias aéreas portuguesa TAP e moçambicana LAM estão a avaliar o aumento do número de voos semanais entre Lisboa e Maputo, passando dos actuais três para quatro, fez saber o ministro moçambicano dos Transportes e Comunicações, António Munguambe.

De acordo com o dirigente moçambicano, o seu Governo está aberto para a realização de um quarto voo e que “as duas companhias já estão a trabalhar nesse sentido”.