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Stolen Zambian copper diverted to Mozambique

5 December, 2005

Stolen Zambian copper in Moza?
Zimbabwe Sunday News:

THREE men who hijacked a South Africa-bound Zambian truck carrying 35 tonnes of copper worth US$151 165 along the Gweru-Shurugwi road three weeks ago have reportedly crossed into Mozambique undetected with their loot, it has emerged.
Zimbabwean and Mozambican police are working together in a bid to track down the armed robbers, the Sunday News has learnt.
The lorry, belonging to Zalawi Haulage Company, was hijacked by three gun-wielding robbers driving a yellow pick-up truck at the 20-kilometre peg along the Gweru Shurugwi road.
The robbers allegedly tied the driver of the Zambian truck, Mr Godfrey Phiri (32) and his unnamed assistant, to a tree before disappearing with the truck and its contents worth more than $9 billion (at the interbank exchange rate).
Midlands police spokesman Inspector Patrick Chademana on Wednesday said Zimbabwean police are working with Interpol in Mozambique to bring the culprits to book.
It appears the Zambian haulage truck, destined for South Africa, was hijacked and later diverted to Mozambique.
Police said the robbers stopped the truck at 10pm. They allegedly drove together with the driver and his assistant towards Mwenezi with the getaway car trailing behind.
Initial reports say the truck was driven towards Beitbridge, but police now say the leads they are getting are confirming that the robbers drove the truck to Mozambique.
Insp Chademana said the three robbers crossed to Mozambique through an unprotected area, three kilometres from Sango Border Post.
“According to our investigations, we have found out that the truck crossed to Mozambique through an unprotected area. The area is a clear stretch and is three kilometres away from Sango Border Post,” he said.