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gold panners / garimpeiros em Moçambique

3 May, 2006

72 garimpeiros Zimbabweanos expulsos de Moçambique (província de Manica) (more…)


legalized gold panning in Mozambique?

25 April, 2006

Este artigo é para mim. Ouro, tráfico e garimpagem (i)legal.

In All Africa, April 24: "Mozambique: Gold Prospectors to Be Legalised in Sofala" 


immigrants from Zimbabwe accuse ill-treatment

20 April, 2006

Crossing the border for petty-business, these migrants / visitors accuse local Mozambican authorities of mistreatment and ill-conduct. Irregular imprisonments and sexual harassment are among the most common accusations.


Zimbabweans die in search for gold

9 April, 2006

Another messy story of Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. This time, about 30 gold panners died in Sussundenga, near Msapa river, due to mudslides that followed torrential rains. These 30 Zimbabweans were part of a group of about 300 men.

[chuvas torrenciais em Mocambique provocam a morte de 30 prospectores de ouro do Zimbabue.] (more…)

Floods in Mozambique: update (cheias em Moçambique – actualização)

7 January, 2006

3 Jan: At least 8 die in Mozambique rainstorms (Reuters)

At least eight people died after heavy rain swept Mozambique and left about 1,700 families homeless, destroying roads and other infrastructure, a disaster management official said on Tuesday.

Radio Mozambique said 13 people had died in rainstorms over the last week in the central and northern regions of the country but disaster authorities contacted by Reuters could only confirm eight deaths. Officials were watching water levels in Mozambique’s major rivers after the Pungue river rose to 6.27 metres, just below the 7-metre flood alarm level, Mozambique Disaster Management spokesman Rogerio Manguele said.

31 Dec: Heavy rains continue in central mozambique (

Torrential rains are continuing in central Mozambique and have isolated the districts of Buzi and Chemba from the rest of the country, Radio Mozambique reported on Friday.

The road from the town of Buzi to Tica, on the Beira- Zimbabwe highway, is impassable – and indeed the Beira-Zimbabwe road itself is under threat.


“Way out of the crisis”: Zimbawe and Mozambique

13 December, 2005
Two articles: “Smugglers cost Zim billions“; the other one is the editorial page for The Herald (Zimbabwe)  “Curb Smuggling, Promote Trade“. Worthwile checking to get an impression of some of possible debates entailing what is happening in Zimbabwe – and, naturally, responses from Mozambique. This is a story to follow.
Smugglers cost Zim billions
author/source:Herald (Zimb)
published:Mon 12-Dec-2005
posted on this site:Mon 12-Dec-2005
Article Type : News
More than 200 smugglers cross the border at least three times each day


This is Zimbabwe

10 December, 2005

For me one of the most interesting weblogs on Africa out there. This is Zimbabwe.  It’s not just the fact that is gives everyone a lens through which one can start understanding what is going on in Zimbabwe. It’s the fact that they do this with humor, irony and a great feeling of self-respect and dignity.

Check this by yourselves (on the talk of inflation).and don’t forget to vote for This is Zimbabwe!

Euro-African summit and the Zimbabwean crisis

7 December, 2005

Pretoria news, 6 Dec 2005. “EU policy on Zim unwise, says SA ambassador”[Cimeira Euro-Africana, a realizar-se em Portugal em 2006? Declarações de João Cravinho (“It sometimes takes a tragedy to change a situation”) e impasse da situação no Zimbabwe.]

The European Union’s ambassador to South Africa is blunt about his organisation’s Zimbabwe policy: “it is unwise,” says Lodewijk Briët.

The EU’s policy of “smart” sanctions is unwise, he explains, because it has not improved the lot of ordinary Zimbabweans and because it has blocked Europe and Africa from conducting relations at the highest political level.

Because of Zimbabwe, a summit of the leaders of both continents which was supposed to take place in Lisbon in April 2003 has been postponed indefinitely.